Friday, March 16, 2012

RAD kids keep everything

I was cleaning my daughter's room, and found tons of things that were sheer garbage.  Not just the fast food restaurant toys, but truly garbage:  candy wrappers, used tissues, used dryer sheets, empty snack bags, broken crayons and more.  My initial thought was, "Why does she keep this garbage?"

But my second thought was, "Because she's RAD."  Kids who have weak attachments with their caregivers, no matter the reason, have a very difficult time letting go of physical things, even if it is garbage.  Somewhere deep in her emotional soul is a fear that something will be lacking, or taken away, or missing.  It is an emotional memory of loss.  And, to avoid that painful feeling once again, she keeps everything.

Now, don't get me wrong.  She seems to enjoy the cleanliness of her room, when I go through and throw out the garbage.  But for her to throw it away is difficult. 

Can you relate?

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