Thursday, March 22, 2012

RAD moments

OK, since RAD kids are always "against" their primary caregiver, here are a few random moments in our household:

I say, "Oh, I better go put on some sunscreen, so I don't get sunburned."  Child runs upstairs, only steps ahead of me, grabs the 2 bottles of sunscreen, smiles, and runs away with them.

Her mother (that's me) walks up to her and says, "I love you," and her response is, "...whatever..."

Her father walks up to her and says, "How about a hug before I leave?"  She stands there, without moving a muscle, while her father gives her a hug.  She returns no affection at that time.

She loves babies!  Whether it's a baby doll, or a real baby, or even a photo of a baby, she has a sweet love for them.  I think it's because of her issues that happened when she was a baby.  It's her way of coping with the strong emotions of her losses when she was a baby.

She responds really well to calm, quiet, cool and collected adults.  If an adult is emotional, whether happy, sad, excited, angry or scared,  she tends to react in a negative way.

"Don't sing!"  "Don't dance!"  "Stop!" to me, when I am silly and having fun.  I could understand her reaction more if we were in public at the time, because she might feel embarrassed, but, this is in my own kitchen!

 Can you relate to any of these?  Let me know that I'm not the only adoptive parent who goes through these things.  ;)

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