Tuesday, April 3, 2012

2 types of Reactive Attachment Disorders

The two types of RAD are Inhibited and Disinhibited.  Here are the symptoms of each:

Inhibited:  This child can be quite resistant to hugs, touch, pushing other away, ignoring them, or even acting out in aggression when others try to get close.  The child is emotionally detached from relationships and is very withdrawn.  Though aware of what is going on around him or her, she does not respond or react to it.

Disinhibited:  The child seeks comfort and affection from almost anyone, except the parents.  This child can approach complete strangers, be very charming, and even crawl up into the person's lap.  This child acts much younger, emotionally, than his or her chronological age, and can appear very anxious.

My child seems to display both, at varying times.  Though she's never crawled into a stranger's lap, she does act emotionally younger than her chronological age (at times).  She definitely pushes away her father and me (her adoptive mother), and has to decide when she's good and ready for hugs and affection.  It always has to be on her timing.

Her anxiety shows when she's new to an event or place, and truly dislikes being the center of attention.  She gets fearful of things that younger children have outgrown, like, fear of snakes, or more recently, ordering her own food at a restaurant.

Which type does your child display?  How so?





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